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Chaucer's Canterbury Tales
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an I turn your essay in as my own?
Absolutely not! 
Not even one word from our papers can be re-used or even re-worded as your own.  You must cite GChaucer.Com as one source in your OWN unique essay! Any ideas presented in our papers remain the intellectual property of The Paper Store Enterprises, Inc. and are provided to you in the same light as any other source but are deemed even more useful since they're designed specifically to help students understand particular academic aspects of Chaucer's works.  Using our essays to help you is no different than borrowing a paper from a classmate who finished before you and already received an Essays on Chaucer"A." You'd be using their work for ideas..and as an example to jumpstart (or "jump finish") your own. The same theme applies here! If you have any questions about how to cite us properly within your own paper, please email us at for more information!


an I cancel my order after placing it...
...or return an essay I don't like?

While we will go out of our way to please every customer, cancellation of an order is not allowed once submitted. Essays are merely information... intangible items.. and thus, they cannot be returned, restocked, or "re-shelved." We encourage prospective customers to ask any and all questions about our essays & services before placing an order.  We also advise all of our website visitors to request free, one page excerpts from any of our existing essays before making a purchase. AsEmail us! long as you ask questions, request previews, and review our terms of sale, you'll know exactly what you'll be receiving and should be very happy with our service just as thousands of others have been since 1994!!!  We look forward to assisting you!

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