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here is your company located?
book reports - help GChaucer.Com is owned by The Paper Store Enterprises, Inc., physically located at 38 Parry Drive, Hainesport, New Jersey.  Our corporate headquarters can be contacted for general information by placing a call to 1-800-90-WRITE or 1-609-518-8711. Specific questions about our papers must be directed to our on-line staff via email as telephone representatives cannot be expected to know details of every particular essay listed on this site! By emailing us with your questions, a knowledgeable individual will be able to review your query carefully, make an informed decision, and send a detailed reply within just a few hours! Whether you have a question in the afternoon...or a concern in the middle of the night, we always have staff on-line...ready to help YOU!!!!

an I see a paper before I decide to order it?q & a - chaucerian assistance
Certainly! You can request a FREE one page excerpt from ANY paper you find on our essay list before you buy it!  Just email us with the .wps file name of the essay(s) you are interested in and we'll reply with an excerpt from its first page...TODAY! If you're ordering customized essay assistance, our writers need to create a NEW essay according to YOUR instructions so --in that case-- we obviously cannot produce a document that does not yet exist. Thus, for customized orders, we offer the opportunity to have our work revised at no additional charge if, for some reason, it doesn't adequately adhere to your original request.

an your essays be written in other languages? 
book reports - helpYes! We can translate any of our essays into rough Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, or French! All essays are first written in English and are then machine translated with some human editing. Since this method may sometimes leave a few colloquialisms and phrases unclear, we still always send a "back-up" copy of our essay in English to help you understand any rough spots in the translated version.  Please see our order forms for detailed instructions and translation options!

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